who has more fun than people?

the hole

the hole, charcoal/pen on paper, 17x9cm 2014



-, pen on cardboard, 16x16cm 2014


the mace tought the apemen how to surrender

campsite II, ink/charcoal on cardboard, 50x50cm, 2015


Blender 2

-, ink/pen on cardboard, 18x18cm, 2014



Andross, charcoal/pen on paper, 28x17cm 2014


eine Jagdszene

a hunting scene, pen on paper,  9 x 13cm 2014



-, pencil on cardboard, 8x16cm 2014


mysterium cosmographicum

Mysterium Cosmographicum, charcoal/pen on cardboard, 110x110cm


Medieval woodcarvings VS. strict geometrical lines: Partly, those geometric forms are only being indicated by
the arrangement of figures on the picture, thus letting the observer perceive a superior structure after
longer observation. For me it is important that there is kind of an invisible order that aligns the figures
and objects. The drawings tell stories of odd rituals and mysterious places which are held together
by a hidden web of line- and form constructions.





exhibition views „best-off 2014“ in Linz, fotos by Florian Voggender

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